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Mission, School Goals & Action Plan
Thinking Rocket.jpgThe information below outlines our most recent plan for school improvement.

SRE Plan on a Page 2019-2020.pdf
We are very proud of our students' and the efforts of staff and parents to support students' literacy learning!  We continue to monitor students' literacy learning, but we are now working on two other school improvement goals:  critical thinking/problem-solving & our K-Grade 5 school's "learning culture"!
In the past, school's produced a lengthy School Planning Council Report with input from parents on the School Planning Council and staff.  This process continues to change with the introduction of new Ministry of Education regulations--attend our PAC meetings to learn more about this topic.  At SRE we have continued to create our "Plan on a Page" to keep our growth goals in the forefront of our work.   

Our school mascot, Rocky (above), reminds our students to be learners, thinkers, contributors, collaborators and innovators.  Our school song, Fly High, was written by a group of South Rutland Rockets.  It celebrates our goal of learning lots (engaging minds) and launching dreams.  The video was created by Mrs. Mutter's son, Don (AnymalHouseMedia).