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Online Registration
teamwork_kids_457599[1].jpgOnline registration for the 2023/24 school year is launched in February.  All new student registrations are "waitlisted" until placement can be confirmed.  Online Registration Processes replace the former ‘paper-based’ system.
The program requires several steps to complete.  T​he first step is relatively easy with each registrant receiving a date/time stamp on their ONLINE application which establishes a place in line.  A confirmation e-mail is immediately sent to the parent to confirm that the first part of their application has been received.  Applicants are then provided with a deadline to complete the next steps of the process. Schools must receive appropriate documentation (i.e., a birth certificate and proof of residency) before the student's registration application is accepted. 
Parents with no access to technology can visit our school and register online using a school computer.  Parents with their own technology and access to the internet, may complete this process from any location using the device of their choice (computer, tablet or smartphone).  

Please click on the link below to access registration: