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South Rutland Elementary
Engaging Minds... Launching Dreams
Welcome to South Rutland Elementary
IMG_4424.JPGIt has been my pleasure and privilege spend time with the students, their families and staff as the principal at South Rutland for the past 9 years.  This is a special community!  Strong support from our families and community has made South Rutland Elementary School a great place to work, learn and play.  I have sincerely appreciated each family’s involvement in our regular school day programs & hope that you will continue to join us for special events/extra-curricular activities, too.​  I will retire as South Rutland's prinicpal on March 31st and begin the next part of my life's journey--I promise I will continue to learn new things and explore new places and I will stay in touch.  Our learning theme this year at school has been "Dream Big"--being curious, using your talents & skills and having a "growth mindset"!  I'll carry these ideas into my retirement :)

Please join me in welcoming your new principal, Mr. Mark Watson (the photo at the right shows Mr. Watson receiving his first welcome card--it was delivered by a student to Mrs. Sigler, Admin Secretary, for him).  Mr. Watson and I were fortunate to be able to spend the month of March preparing for this change.  He tells me he is very excited about his new role in the Rutland community (he is joining us from Rutland Senior Secondary where he was a vice-prinicpal) and getting to know our GREAT school.

Thanks again for your support through the years--I will miss you all.
Cathie Mutter- Principal (Retired)
South Rutland Elementary
"Engaging Minds... Launching Dreams" ​​​