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South Rutland Elementary
Engaging Minds... Launching Dreams
School Organization - 2015-2016

​This information was presented to the Parent Advisory Council at their meeting in June 2014 and is subject to change depending on our school's enrolment and staffing in September.  

Teaching Staff
Homeroom 2001- Kindergarten/Grade 1:  Mrs. Carrie HebertSchool House.gif
Homeroom 2002- Kindergarten/Grade 1:  Mrs. Janina Hughes
Homeroom 2003- Kindergarten/Grade 1:  Miss Nicole Robertson
Homeroom 2004- Grade 1/2:  Mrs. Michelle Flett
Homeroom 2005- Grade 2:  Mrs. Kim Williams
Homeroom 2006- Grade 2/3:  Mrs. Lisa Koebel
Homeroom 2007-  Grade 3/4:  Mr. Sean Duteil
Homeroom 2008- Grade 4/5:  Ms Suzan Miles
Homeroom 2009- Grade 5:  Ms Tara Dionne

Support Staff
Music Prep/Relief- Ms Gwen Plitt
Learning Assistance- Mrs. Vicki Lightfoot (Mrs. Danielle Petryshyn is on maternity leave until the end of January)
ClassroomSupport Teachers- Ms Gwen Plitt, Miss Catharine Lehtonen, Mrs. Vicki Lightfoot
Teacher Librarian- Miss Catharine Lehtonen
Resource Teacher- Mrs. Charlene Ward
Speech-Language Pathologist- Ms Lindsay Hancock
School Counsellor- Mr. Jeremy Sanbrooks
School Psychologist- Ms Johanna Laitenen
Certified Education Assistants- Mrs. Monique Cornett, Mrs. Aya Smith, Mrs. Jennifer Burtch
Clerical Staff
Administrative Secretary- Mrs. Heather Oishi
Library Assistant- Ms Amy McInnes
Mrs. Cathie Mutter​