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South Rutland Elementary
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Curious George Rocket.bmp​Library Staff
Mrs. Corinne Obedkoff, will be our teacher-librarian in 2016-2017.  Beginning on October 3rd, Mrs. Tanya Zaufenberger will become her Library Assistant. 
Hours of Operation
Our Library Learning Commons (LLC) is open from 8 am on Tues-Thurs for use by students and their families.  You are encouraged to drop in and read or borrow a book!    Library programs with our teacher-librariarn are offered during the school day on Tuesday--Thursday. Mrs. Obedkoff also volunteers to keep the Library open at lunch break on Tuesdays  from 11-11:30 am. 

Library Scheduling and Programs
All students in the school are scheduled for weekly book exchange.  Students may, however; sign out/return books at anytime that the library is open (before/during the school day.  Classroom teachers cooperatively plan units of study with the teacher-librarian throughout the year.  These research projects are based on the learning outcomes of the curriculum.  Keep an eye open for displays of the projects your children are working on in the library!

How to Pick a "Just Right" Book

You want to pick a book that is not too easy, not too hard, but JUST RIGHT! 
1. Open the book.
2. Begin to read.
3. Put one finger up for any word you do not know.
At the end of the page, if you have:
Three Fingers.jpg 
1 finger: This book is good for you.
2 fingers: This book is good for you.
3 fingers: This book may be too hard for you.
4 fingers: This book will probably be too hard for you.
5 fingers: Pick another book.
**To Parents and Caregivers** 
If a student borrows a "five finger" book, we suggest that you read the book together.
Young readers should try to use different strategies for figuring out unknown words including:
Using picture clues;
Sounding out the word;
Skipping the word and reading the rest of the sentence, then going back to the problem word;
Looking for a word inside the problem word that they know.
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