Programs & Services
​​​​Our school provides support services to a wide range of students including.  Schedules for these dedicated members of our staff are established in the fall.
We have a strong support team at South Rutland including
  • Aboriginal Student Advocate- Mrs. Edgecombe (M-F)
  • Learning Assistance Teacher- Mrs. Barton (M-Thursday)
  • Classroom Support Teachers- Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Charlton, Ms Plitt
  • Resource Teacher- Mrs. Cameron
  • School Counsellor- Mr. Sanbrooks (M & Th)
  • School Psychologist- Ms Laitinen (by request)
  • Speech-Language Pathologist- Mrs. Skelton (M & F)
​They can be contacted by calling the school and leaving a message with Mrs. Sigler, our Administrative Secretary.